Solutions Schedule Gantt style Drag and Drop Component Software by DBI Technologies Inc.
   ActiveX  |  COM  
  Solutions Schedule for COM - Gantt Style Drag and Drop scheduling and planningSolutions Schedule COM  |  Solutions Schedule COM 64 -  The number ONE Gantt style, Drag and Drop schedule controls for asset management, Healthcare, Logistics any type of multi-resource, ERP planning and scheduling need.  Solutions Schedule for COM includes royalty-free distribution, compiled sample applications, sample application source code in VB and VFP plus one year of  full subscription support.  more...    
  .NET  |  WinForms   
Solutions Schedule .NET - Gantt Style Drag and Drop scheduling and planningSolutions Schedule for .NET  -  The ultimate asset management, multi-resource and optimization scheduling component software. With built-in functionality for managing conflicts through a Gantt style drag-n-drop user interface, Solutions Schedule for .NET is ideal for Health Care solutions to Enterprise ERP solutions. For any project that requires management of resources against a time line or critical path.  more... 
  Solutions Schedule for Silverlight - Royalty Free Drag and Drop Gantt style ERP Schedule control
Solutions Schedule Silverlight  - is a comprehensive control for managing and presenting enterprise information in Gantt style presentations. Full Drag and Drop interactive functionality for planning and scheduling multiple resources in any Silverlight 5 application. 
  Solutions Schedule for WPF - Royalty free Gantt style Drag and Drop EPR planning and scheduling for WPF
Solutions Schedule WPF  -  Bring full featured Resource scheduler, planning, and Gantt style management to your enterprise applications. From desktop to mobile computing platforms, extend enterprise resource management, scheduling and optimization functionality with Solutions Schedule for WPF.   more...
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