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    Incredible Backward Compatibility  
    Dashboards, Data Management, ERP Gantt style Scheduling  
    New Release Preview  
    Quickly Upgrade COM Controls  
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    Supply Chain Management (SCM), Field Service Management (FSM), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)... these and other similar types of enterprise systems all share a common theme of managing and optimizing 'resources'.

Enterprise systems require flexibility, being able to view and strategically position Resources so that the Who's doing What, Where, When and Why - can all be managed with intuitive Drag and Drop data presentations.  DBI's data management and presentation component software - Solutions Schedule and Studio Controls have been the go-to standards for Enterprise Windows developers for 21 years.
DBI Technologies Inc - Scheduling, Text Analytics and UI Design Component Software Specialists    
Visualizing Resourece Management by DBI Technologies Inc. 
    Through the evolution of our award winning component products, DBI has worked diligently to maintain the integrity of our customer's original investment in their development tools.

Jonathan L. with a long time customer providing commercial Warehouse Management Systems in Europe, was setting up a new development system. In the course of building the new system he looked to activate an archive installation of Solutions Schedule .NET v1.0 (released in 2005) which was originally implemented in the development of their software. To say the least, much has transpired since the release of Solutions Schedule .NET v1.0 in 2005. Through the course of our conversation and a quick overview of the latest enhancements crafted into Solutions Schedule .NET 7.0, the current shipping and Windows 10 supported product - Jonathan downloaded the current evaluation license and tested it out on a copy of their solution.

In the copy of their application Jonathan changed the references from dbiScheduleE.dll version 1.0 to dbiScheduleE.dll version 7.0 and within an astonishing brief 20 minutes he was starting to implement new features in their application, without having to recode or rewrite any of the original code. Twelve years after their original purchase of Solutions Schedule .NET upgraded to the latest version and picked up without missing a beat!

In Jonathan's own words..."I did a fast test and I was able to use Solutions Schedule .NET  v7.0 with only 20min of work. That is definitely incredible backward compatibility."
Dashboards, Data Management, Drag 'n Drop Gantt Style Scheduling ...  
  Studio Controls  -  Build great Data Dashboards, Outlook style appointment scheduling, Calendaring and Data Management solutions with Visual Studio .NET and ActiveX / COM / MFC development platforms  
Dashboards, Data Management, Drag and Drop Gantt Scheduling - Studio Controls + Solutions Schedule    
  full details...  https://www.dbi-tech.com/StudioControls  
  Solutions Schedule  -  Create the perfect Drag and Drop Gantt style, tactile ERP and Scheduling Solutions with Visual Studio .NET development platforms and ActiveX / COM / MFC development platforms.  
      full details...  https://www.dbi-tech.com/SolutionsSchedule  
Studio Controls COM | Studio Controls COM 64 - Release Preview
New Controls for Studio Controls COM v5.0 - ctxColor, ctxDate, ctxDropDate, ctxFile, ctxFont, ctxFrame, ctxPrint, ctxSplit   Coming up for version 5.0 of Studio Controls for COM and Studio Controls COM 64 we're adding and enhancing 64bit and 32bit controls. Here's a quick preview...  
  ctxColor -  A new 64 bit Common Color selection dialogue  
  ctxFile -  A new 64 bit File Location | File Open | File Save dialogue  
  ctxFont - A new 64 bit Common Font Selection dialogue  
  ctxFrame - A new 64 bit container control for managing groups of objects  
  ctxPrint -  A new 64 bit Print parameter / Printer Selection dialogue  
  ctxSplit -  Quickly create logical presentation zones for your applications with full resizing capabilities in 64 bit.  
  PLUS, New Enhancements for ctxCalendar, ctxDate and ctxDropDate:  
  ctxCalendar - The three-in-one appointment scheduling and Calendar control - Month Calendar, Multi-Column Day View, Week View - will have enhanced approaches for interacting with Data Items (Appointments, Contacts, Locations, Tasks) and display elements.  
      ctxDate - new elements for interacting with the Title Area, Nav Buttons, Headers and Dates  
      ctxDropDate - Enhanced Drop Calendar behaviour and Date Selections  
      * ctx designated controls are found in their appropriate 32 bit and 64 bit products  
    Upgrade COM Controls - Quickly  
Drag and Drop Scheduling and UI Design for Any OLE compliant Development       
  DBI's current suite of COM software component solutions make upgrading legacy controls to the latest supported and Windows 10 certified versions much simpler. Even in the most persnickety of development environments - including Visual Cobol.  (watch for our Case in Point next month)

Open a copy of your application and instance the new ctx version of the control right beside the legacy control - two different versions of a control side by side.  Now, move your legacy control settings over to the new ctx version.  Remove the old instance. Build.   Much Quicker.
      Solutions Schedule - https://www.dbi-tech.com/solutionsschedule/  
      Studio Controls - https://www.dbi-tech.com/studiocontrols/  
DBI Technologies Inc Component Software Subscription Services   Current subscription licensee's have immediate access to the latest Product Upgrades as soon as they're released, including:   
  • All component updates released during the subscription period
  • All product upgrades release during the subscription period
  • All bug fixes
  • Direct access to the product’s Technical Support team
  • Online, 24 hour License Management
  • Online, 24 hour Software Activations
  • Component backward compatibility
  • Legacy Product Activations
  • Full Product Online Services
      Be sure your DBI Product License Subscriptions are Up-To-Date...  
      Subscribe Today =   https://dbi-tech.com/Store.aspx  
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