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  • Studio Controls COM  v5.0
  • Studio Controls COM 64 - v5.0
  • Calendar COM 64 - v3.0
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    Drag and Drop in Microsoft Access   
    Tech Tip - Data binding with ctxCalendar  
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    Document Tagging.  Why are Contextually Accurate Document Tags Important?

You are likely aware, every file on your system has a set of attributes called file properties that include such things as the name of the author and the date that the file was last modified. Tags are another type of file property, designed to be customized by the user. Tags are great for making searching easier because you can use words or even phrases that make sense to you. Think of Tags as keywords. 

Tags are must-haves for Document Management Systems, which makes search retrieval incredibly efficient.  By adding your own tags to your Word Documents and other files types, you will make your own search retrieval significantly more accurate, especially when using the later editions of Windows File Explorer (Windows 7 and later). 

Tagging a Word document as you're creating it (saving the file) is a great habit to get into. What happens if you want to make a collection of existing documents, without tags, highly searchable?  Add Contextually Accurate Document Tags to those documents, likely using one of three approaches:
  •  If you're familiar with the content of a particular file you can directly right mouse click on the file and edit the properties by adding your own custom tags;

  • The second option would be to open the file and read it - once you've got a handle on the content select Save As and the 'More Options...' click right underneath the file name field and add your new custom - Author, Tag, Title and Subject key words;

  • The third option, crack open Doc-Tags ( and have this clever utility create Contextually Accurate Document Description Tags for you.  Automatically!

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Doc Tags. Studio Controls COM v5.0 Released - 32 bit + 64 bit 
    Welcome to Studio Controls v5.0  &  Calendar COM 64 !   
    Studio Controls COM v5.0  &  Studio Controls COM 64 - v5.0  
ctxCalendar - Month View, Multi Column Day View, Week View - 32 bit and 64 Bit ActiveX - Studio Controls COM      

NEW Unicode 32 Bit and 64 Bit Controls


ctxCalendar  v3.0  NEW Functionality --  

  • new UserDrawn Header and Cell Text features
  • new Index values from Key ID or Code for Contact, Location and Task
  • new Hit Test methods allowing for more discrete information in each view
  • new Enhanced Print functions
    Component Updates Released  
      Please check your Product Managers for details of these updates:  

SSCOM  v14.0.0.7

      SSCOM64  v2.0.0.7  
      SCNET  v1.5.0.3  
      SSNETE  v7.0.0.5  
      SSNETS  v7.0.0.5  
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Implement Drag and Drop in MS Access - by DBI Technologies Inc.    Implementing Drag and Drop in Microsoft Access   
    Yes you can!  Have Drag and Drop actions in your MS Access applications and here's how:  
Implement Drag and Drop in Microsoft Access (32 Bit and/or 64 Bit):  
    Tech Tip  -  Data Binding with ctxCalendar  
      The ctxCalendar control encapsulates arrays, methods, events, and properties that allow the developer to bind the control to virtually any data source containing collaboration data, i.e. appointments, contacts, locations, and tasks. At its heart, the ctxCalendar control presents appointment information and provides a platform for a user to visually interact with that information. The ctxCalendar control manages 4 collections of appointment and appointment support objects internally:  
ctxCalendar - Appointment Image Support with Multi Line Text     

1. Appointments
2. Contacts
3. Locations
4. Tasks 

      The data/control relationship that governs the binding of the ctxCalendar control to a database revolves around the Add/Edit/Delete of appointments with or without a relationship to a given Task, Location, and/or Contact. In this scenario any action on the appointment is recorded in a single record in the database. 

Loading the control from a database...
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