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Studio Controls COM v5.0 RELEASED

  • Studio Controls COM  v5.0
  • Studio Controls COM 64  v5.0

Calendar COM 64 version 3.0 RELEASED

  • One Control - Thee Component Views !

Drag and Drop in Microsoft Access 


Tech Tip

  • Data binding with ctxCalendar
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    Financial management companies, Investment firms, Banks, Manufacturing, Production management and the like rely on modeling massive amounts of data. Extending that modeled data into actionable analysis takes an intuitive tool set designed for each developer's choice of development environment. 

Whether that environment is a Spreadsheet, a Microsoft Access Database, 64 Bit VBA, C++, LabVIEW, MFC or Visual Studio .NET - the right set of Data Visualization Controls can bring massive amounts of Data into Clear View.

Welcome to Studio Controls v5.0 !
Studio Controls COM v5.0 Released - 32 bit + 64 bit - MS Access, VBA, VC++, LabVIEW, MFC, Delphi, Progress, Visual R{G, Visual Cobol, 
      Studio Controls COM version 5.0 is Here  
ctxCalendar - Month View, Multi Column Day View, Week View - 32 bit and 64 Bit ActiveX - Studio Controls COM      


NEW Unicode / 64 bit Controls --

  • ctxColor - Enhanced Unicode, 32 bit and 64 bit ActiveX Windows Color Pallet Selection control

  • ctxFile - Enhanced Unicode, 32 bit and 64 bit ActiveX File Open and Files Save Dialogue Control. Features included: Multi-Select; Multi-Path Name; Selectable Windows Explorer Style.

  • ctxFont - Enhanced Unicode, 32 bit and 64 bit ActiveX Font Selection Dialogue control

  • ctxFrame - Enhanced Unicode, 32 Bit and 64 Bit ActiveX ISimpleFrame container control providing snap-in functionality for developers to create boxes, title bars and container objects with a variety of custom border effects

  • ctxPrint - Enhanced Unicode, 32 bit and 64 bit ActiveX Printer Dialogue Control. Present either the Print or Print Setup Dialogues

  • ctxSplit - Enhanced Unicode, 32 bit and 64 bit ActiveX UI Design Control for creating discrete navigation zones on a form


ctxCalendar  v3.0  NEW Functionality --  

  • new UserDrawn Header and Cell Text features
  • new Index values from Key ID or Code for Contact, Location and Task
  • new Hit Test methods allowing for more discrete information in each view
  • new Enhanced Print functions
  ctxDate  v3.0   New Functionality --  
  • new Hit Test Methods for Area At and Date At   
  ctxDropDate   v3.0   New Functionality  --   
  • Close / Hide Drop Calendar when Fill Date is Selected
  • Automatic Date Selection when Drop Calendar is Navigated   
    Implementing Drag and Drop in Microsoft Access   
      Microsoft Access 2013 introduced new opportunities and among them 64 bit development. A welcomed enhancement from the Financial community who rely heavily on modeling massive amounts of data. Unfortunately for many there was one casualty in the move to 64 Bit development - the Common Controls. The MS Common Controls did not make the trip to 64 Bit.  
      DBI's Studio Controls COM 64 has become the perfect replacement for the Common Controls. Through the growing interest in Studio Controls we also receive many requests for how to implement, or is it even possible to implement, Drag and Drop in Microsoft Access? The lack of a built-in DragDrop event for Controls in MS Access has been the bane of many developers. There is a solution!  
      Here's how to implement Drag and Drop in Microsoft Access (32 Bit and/or 64 Bit):  
    Upgrade COM Controls - Quickly  
Multiple Platform ActiveX, COM, .NET  Support   DBI's current suite of COM software component solutions make upgrading legacy controls to the latest supported and Windows 10 certified versions much simpler.  
  Open a copy of your application and instance the new ctx version of the control right beside the legacy control - yes, you heard it right - two different versions of a control side by side.  Now move your control settings over to the new ctx version.  Build.   Much Quicker.  
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    Tech Tip  -  Data Binding with ctxCalendar  
      The ctxCalendar control encapsulates arrays, methods, events, and properties that allow the developer to bind the control to virtually any data source containing collaboration data, i.e. appointments, contacts, locations, and tasks. At its heart, the ctxCalendar control presents appointment information and provides a platform for a user to visually interact with that information. The ctxCalendar control manages 4 collections of appointment and appointment support objects internally:  
ctxCalendar - Appointment Image Support with Multi Line Text     

1. Appointments
2. Contacts
3. Locations
4. Tasks 

      The data/control relationship that governs the binding of the ctxCalendar control to a database revolves around the Add/Edit/Delete of appointments with or without a relationship to a given Task, Location, and/or Contact. In this scenario any action on the appointment is recorded in a single record in the database. 

Loading the control from a database...
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