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  Building intuitive, visual Enterprise Resource Data planning solutions requires ingenuity and flexibility - being able to view Who's doing What, Where, to Whom, When, and Why - and all in a single presentation.  Think of Operating Rooms and their multiple dimensions: the operating room, the surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgery assistants, equipment AND the patient. Now, present those six data dimensions visually in an intuitive interface to be used by non-technical operating room administration. Ingenuity and flexibility required.

For the better part of twenty two years DBI's customers have integrated Solutions Schedule and Studio Controls into their complex data solutions with precision. Whether you're visualizing operating room resource data, Natural Resource development onboarding or fleet management, Solutions Schedule is the precision choice.
Visualizing Resourece Management by DBI Technologies Inc. 
    As futurist Paul Saffo stated - "It's the Context, Stupid, point of view will be the scarce resource in our overloaded information world".  How true, as we work to employ new AI and Machine Learning strategies to surface contextually relevant understanding from the Yottabytes of content at our finger tips.  The Text Analytics and xAIgent discussions below start to describe DBI's approach for surfacing accurate, contextual meaning from unstructured data, and how you can harness a RESTful service for elevating contextually accurate information for your projects.  
    Text Analytics  
      Text Analytics is the process of drawing high quality understanding out of written communication.  
xAIgent by DBI Technologies Inc. - Automatic Written Communication Key Term Extraction      
  Text Analytics incorporates a process of structuring input text using combinations of parsing and linguistic algorithms to provide a means for interpretation. High quality understanding refers to refined processes that derive levels of relevance.

Today, an even higher quality of understanding is achieved through the introduction of genetic learning algorithms that bring continuously improving, objective Machine Learning strategies to bear.  These new patented strategies baked into the xAIgent RESTful service give us objectivity, context, accuracy and Autonomous Key Term processing.
  For example, let's take the process of creating a back-of-the-book index:  You have just written a new How To book, your publisher thinks it's great and almost ready to be published. Almost - your book still needs an index.  Not a problem, you or another subject matter expert cracks open the Word document and starts highlighting all of the keywords on each page - 200 pages later...  
  The delicate process of defining the candidate keywords for your index needs to be done by either you (the author) or another subject matter specialist in order to retrieve the correct, contextually accurate keywords from each page. Unless you have access to a special resource - IndexDocs.com.    
  Incorporating the xAIgent RESTful web service to accurately derive contextual keywords, IndexDocs.com parses documents up to a maximum of 20 pages in length (a maximum of 60K bytes) and at the end of the demonstration process, a .docx file will now have a complete and accurate back-of-the-book index. 

In about four minutes from beginning to end!
  Navigate to IndexDocs.com, find one of your favourite .docx files and follow the step by step demonstration to experience the power of xAIgent.  
      For Index processing of content longer than 20 pages, download the full application available directly at IndexDocs.com.  
    xAIgent RESTful Service  
      Text Analytics definition...

"a structuring process of the input text, the discovery of patterns in the structured text and, finally, the evaluation and interpretation of those results

This is a multi-step, iterative process that first requires creation of referential lists of terms - per subject domain - per language, (at best the lists of reference terms may be somewhat objective, after all they were created by a human being who was hopefully having a good day), and then the iterative process continues comparing selected target phrases against the reference list. At best these types of results can only inferred to be representative - as they are only based on the pre-selected reference terms. An okay starting point - not accurate nor contextual by any means.

Remove the old Bayesian Heuristics and lets move directly to a patented AI and Machine Learning, 100% Objective, Automated, Contextual approach that's neatly packaged in a RESTful service - xAIgent. The one technology that Automatically processes input text and returns weighted, hierarchical lists of Key Terms that accurately represent, with contextual relevance, what the author intended for us to understand?

It's not futuristic. It's real.  Test Drive it Today! https://xaigent.com/DemoApp.aspx

xAIgent - the process of giving unstructured content relevant context with accurate, searchable meaning.

For instance, Doc-Tags takes an untagged document and without human intervention, processes accurate, relevant, meaningful Key Term tags - and places those Contextually Accurate Tags in the files' Meta Data (tag) property. What does that mean to the value of documents being added to your CMS and corporate compliance systems?

Increase the value of your written communications today... http://www.Doc-Tags.com
Expert Technical Support by Expert Industry Professionals Tech Tip  -  Working with the xAIgent RESTful Service
  The following discussion illustrates how to incorporate the xAIgent RESTful service in to a Visual Studio project. PLEASE NOTE: The sample code presented here is readily available for download - see the footnote at the end of the discussion.

1. Add the service to the project.

In the Solution Explorer, right mouse click on the References node.
      more...  http://xaigent.azurewebsites.net/SampleCode.aspx  
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