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  Enterprise Content Management systems(ECM) or Intelligent Information Management systems (IIM) is the development of strategies, methods, and tools used to create, capture, automate, deliver, secure and analyse content and documents related to organizational process.

Organizational process revolves around structure and their supporting information including contracts, forms, agreements and the like, which for the most part are managed as structured information (collections of clauses, responses, form-based data...).

Another basic tenant of Enterprise Content Management is the employment of strategies for managing, categorizing and indexing unstructured content in support of the organizational processes. A common approach for giving unstructured content structure is to employ Tags. Meta Tags, keywords, key phrases - concise descriptions that can be added to the profile of the content such as Document Tagging, which enhances the contextual accuracy for searching and retrieving content when required.

When unstructured content, Legal Precedence for instance, is being logged into an Enterprise Content Management system, if the document does not have author-provided Tags there are only a few options for giving that unstructured content any resemblance of structure: read and manually tag; use the content title, file name and first paragraph to Tag and pigeon hole the content; use a parsing and referential library strategy (Bayesian / Heuristics).

Or, a fourth option, where an understanding of the construct of human language is employed allowing for the target content to be parsed, in context of itself, to reveal a primary set of key phrases? In essence a process that strips away all of the conjugative words, the if's, and's, but's..., to reveal a collection of content specific key phrases. And, that process compares how many times each key term is used throughout the document and the frequency of each relevant term given a ranking. The highest ranked terms then used to retrieve the most predominant examples from the target content of that term's use. A Key phrase / Keyword extracted summary if you will. Automatically, without training (no need for referential libraries), unsupervised, solely in context of the target content, accurately.  Full Story...  |  See How...
Visualizing Resourece Management by DBI Technologies Inc. 

Top 50 Software Components - 2019

DBI Top 50 Control Publisher World Wide 2019   "The Leading Innovator of Enterprise Resource Management, UI Design and Text Analytic Component Software awarded top 50 publisher for 2019 - ComponentSource"  
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A Video Introduction to Doc-Tags

      Make Your Information More Findable...  
    Doc-Tags is a great utility for making any Word Document and it's content truly findable.  Automatically, in an unsupervised process, Doc-Tags will add contextually accurate descriptive tags to the profile of your Word Documents making them instantly findable.  

Recently Released  v3.0 

Solutions Schedule COM 64  v3.0 

Solutions Schedule COM 64 - v3.0   Solutions Schedule COM 64 - v3.0  - The perfect 64 bit ActiveX control for Gantt style, Drag 'n Drop Resource Planning, Field Service Management, Logistics, Warehousing and more...   

Solutions Schedule COM  v15 

Solutions Schedule COM v15 by DBI Technologies Inc.   Solutions Schedule COM version 15.0  - Gantt style, Drag and Drop asset management for Healthcare, Logistics, ERP and more...  

Studio Controls COM 64  v5.0 

    Studio Controls COM 64 - v5.0  A comprehensive set of 64 bit and 32 bit Unicode Appointment Scheduling, Data Input, Data Presentation, Dialogue, Calendar and Navigation ActiveX Controls  more... 
Studio Controls COM - 82 ActiveX UI Design Controls    

Studio Controls COM  v5.0 

  Studio Controls COM v5.0  -  82 royalty free UX design and Outlook style Scheduling, Data Input, Data Presentation, Dialogue, Calendar, and Navigation ActiveX Controls  more...   


Working with  x-AI-gent  (xAIgent)  

      Text, Email, HTML ... from any Text of any Subject domain, the xAIgent RESTful API Automatically turns content of any subject matter into Contextually Accurate lists of Key Phrases.  Available for English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish - xAIgent is ready to turn your content into Digital Gold.

The following discussion illustrates how to incorporate the xAIgent service in to a Visual Studio project.

1. Add the service to the project.
 - In the Solution Explorer, right mouse click on the References node.
xAIgent by DBI Technologies Inc. - Automatic Written Communication Key Term Extraction    
  xAIgent.com RESTful Web Service - Automatic Contextual Accurate Keyword + Key Phrase Extraction  
      continue... www.doc-tags.com/Developer/xAIgent/Sample-Code.aspx  
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