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Whether you're planning production processes, streamlining warehousing, scheduling shipping and receiving functions, optimizing logistics, managing inventories or coordinating human resources, all of these business attributes have a common thread,  commercial software servicing these corporate needs use DBI component software - for intuitive scheduling interfaces and common Windows UI design requirements. Chosen by market leading commercial software companies as their number one choice for drag and drop, Gantt style, scheduling and Windows UI - Solutions Schedule and Studio Controls are the number one choice of VFP developers.
Take advantage of the Scheduling and UI design controls created specifically for Visual FoxPro today - they're free to Test Drive !
DBI's component products for COM include demo's and code samples written in Visual FoxPro and technical support is provided at the code level in Visual FoxPro.
Studio Controls for .NET   AND    Solutions Schedule for .NET
  Gantt Style Drag N Drop Scheduling
Studio Controls for .NET
Studio Controls for COM

Extractor SDK
  Solutions Schedule for .NET
Solutions Schedule for COM 
Staff Scheduler Pro
Free Download

Sedna Controls  -  Was released with Visual FoxPro 9 (SP2) in 2007 as a special  component product offering from DBI. Since that release there have been many changes to the Windows operating system and approaches to using the IDE itself.

Taking into account all of these changes and the growing need from within the VFP community for current supported and Windows 7 and Windows 8 certified component products, the special Sedna controls offering was discontinued.

DBI's research and development efforts are focused on Studio Controls for COM - a product targeted for COM based IDE's with specific support for the Visual Fox Pro. Studio Controls for COM  includes sample applications and demo's written in VFP, with technical support provided at the code level. and a complete set of controls continuously updated and certified for Microsoft's current Windows operating systems. Please download and evaluate the latest ActiveX controls available, you will be pleased with the results:

COM Tools,  Studio Controls for COM  and  Solutions Schedule for COM.

FoxRockX takes over...
FoxRockX has taken over, and will be fulfilling, all existing subscriptions to FoxTalk 2.0 from Eli Journals (formerly Pinnacle Publishing). FoxRockX will also act as the successor to FoxPro Advisor...
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"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that D.K. just got done demoing his latest application using ctGrid.  Absolutely outstanding!!!  I’m not able to share images of this app due to confidentiality but I can say that once again, DBI allowed us extremely valuable functionality through one of their controls that would have been next to impossible to achieve without it!