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DBI News Bulletin January 2017 - Document Indexing, Enterprise Edition Upgrade 
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    Resource Management  
    Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise - Special Offer  
    Linguistic Artificial Intelligence  
    Tech Tip ::  Working with xAIgent  
    Renew that Expired Product Subscription - Special Offer  
    Subscription Renewals  
     What is a resource?
(i) Stocks, bonds or a supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn upon by a person or organization in order to function effectively.

(ii) a source or supply from which benefit is produced - materials, energy, services, staff, knowledge, or other assets that are transformed to produce benefit.

(iii) 'Data' - content, documents, information, intellectual property, which may very well be the most important resources we have next to human capital, that fuel todays digital services.

How we manage 'resources' defines our ability to increase wealth. Let's broadly define 'wealth' as any benefit derived from the optimal utilization of our resources. Whether that's better access and utilization of contextually accurate information (xAIgent) or our ability to provide optimal points of service where we're managing thousands of resources (Solutions Schedule) interacting cohesively to derive a greater outcome.

Visually managing 'resources' and their interactions across the continuum of an organizations' mandate is critical to the development of 'wealth'. Empowerment through intuitive visual presentation of the many dimensions associated with our resources and their impact on each other increase the greater benefit of our human capital and development of wealth.
Insight into Any Content - Automatically - xAIgent Keyword and Keyphrase Extraction    
    Whether managing human capital, physical resources or corporate information, being able to optimize that valuable asset calls upon creative approaches, which may range from general UI elements found in Studio Controls, visualising multi-dimensional resource relationships with Solutions Schedule, or by incorporating xAIgent in corporate CMS / DMS for redefining the true value of content amassed by our organizations - DBI Technologies is a resource developers have counted on for Twenty One Years.  
Visualizing Resourece Management by DBI Technologies Inc. 
    Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise - Special Offer  
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    Linguistic Artificial Intelligence  
xAIgent by DBI Technologies Inc. - Automatic Written Communication Key Term Extraction      
  Using advanced linguistic focused Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes found in the patented Extractor technology, the xAIgent RESTful web service provides subscribers with an effortless software service for automatically extracting contextually accurate keyphrases / key words / key terms - from any subject matter content.
The xAIgent RESTful service, harnesses the patented Extractor hybrid Artificial Intelligence and machine learning Linguistic Technology to provide subscribers with the most accurate and contextually relevant key terms from any subject domain text, automatically (unsupervised)...
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  Tech Tip  -  Working with the xAIgent RESTful Service
  Tech Tip  -  Working with the xAIgent RESTful Service 

xAIgent is a RESTful service implementation of the Extractor key phrase extraction technology ( designed to work with any IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that supports RESTful services.

The following discussion illustrates how to incorporate the xAIgent service in to a Visual Studio project. PLEASE NOTE: The sample code presented here is from the sample projects readily available for download - see below.

1. Add the service to the project.
2. In the Solution Explorer, right mouse click on the References node...                                    

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