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DBI Technologies Inc. - Product Licensing

Registering Licensed Product

To register your DBI product, you may ...

  • submit the form electronically by clicking the "Register" button at the bottom of the form.
  • print the completed form and fax it to dbi technologies at (204) 943-0738

You do not need to use this form if:

  1. You purchased the product directly from DBI Technologies or through one of DBI's Value Added Resellers
    (you are automatically registered at that time).


A. Product Information

Product you are registering ("Software"):

License Number:


Type of License Registration:


B. Licensee Information:


Single-developer licenses must be registered to the specific individual who will be developing with the product.

Only the licensee, named below, is entitle to the benefits of registration such as support request submissions, updates and upgrade discounting for a single-developer license.

Additional single-developer or discounted multi-developer licenses are available directly from DBI sales:

  • Toll-free (within North America): (800) 670-8045
  • Phone: (204) 985-5770
  • FAX:    (204) 943-0738
  • Email:
License Product To: Transferring License From:
(required if transferring) 
Last Name:      Last Name:     
First Name:     First Name:    
Title:          Telephone:     
Company:        FAX:           
Address Line 1: E-mail:        
Address Line 2:
City:           Important: A Software Licensee may transfer the Software License rights on a permanent basis provided the Software Licensee transfers the Software and all Documentation, retains no copies and the recipient agrees to the terms of the License Agreement (below)

No transfer is legally effective until DBI confirms receipt and acceptance of the transfer back to the Software Licensee.

DBI reserves the right to deny or refuse to transfer license rights and privileges.
State / Prov.: 
Postal Code:   


C. Support Information:

Select all Operating Systems you will use with the product:

    Win XP      Win 7       Win 8
    Win Vista   Win 7 64    Win 8 64  

What is your primary development platform?


How did you hear about us?


Additional Comments?


D. Software License Agreement

  I have read the software license agreement (above) and I agree to comply with all its terms and conditions. Please Note: 
License registrations and transfers will NOT be processed if check box (left) is not checked.

E. Submit Your Registration:


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