COM Tools - 9 modern Windows UI design controls for Visual Basic, FoxPro, Access, LabVIEW and other OLE compliant IDE's
COM Tools    
COM Tools is an industry tested, commercial component software development product offering COM-based IDE developers 9 royalty free, modern ActiveX Windows UI presentation controls.
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  Calendar | schedule    
  Data Entry  
  Data Presentation  
  Date Presentation  
  9 modern Windows UI controls  
  Windows 7 Certified  
  Zune Styles  
  Price:  $249 single developer  
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    - Online Activations   ctCalendar  --  is a scrolling virtual calendar that presents enhanced month and week calendar views with a uniquely interactive interface.
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      ctContact  --  is an enhanced Outlook style contact list control designed specifically for contact management. Card and List Views, built in find text, direct edit, and more...

  a masked date and time edit ActiveX control for modern Windows UI application development - by DBI TechnologiesctDEdit  --  is a masked date/ time edit control. Supporting international time formats and a choice of twelve-hour or twenty-four hour clock presentations.
  a drop down date - time edit and date selection ActiveX control for modern Windows UI application development- by DBI TechnologiesctDropDate  --  is an enhanced date-edit control with a built-in drop-down calendar. ctDropDate also incorporates smart data-entry features for accurate date selections and capture.
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  ctCalendar   a masked date and time edit ActiveX control for modern Windows UI application development - by DBI TechnologiesctDropMenu  --  is a drop down or pop up multi - level menu control with item level images, pictures, text, sub-text, background and text colors for each item.
  ctDropMenu ctFrame  --  is a host container control offering developers an easy approach for managing and presenting a collection of complex objects quickly and easily.
  ctTray   an Outlook bar-style multi column navigation control for modern Windows UI application development - by DBI TechnologiesctListBar  --  is a multi-column navigation component capable of displaying sets of sliding lists; each list containing its own group of items.
Other ActiveX | COM Products   a customizable toolbar and menu navigation control for modern Windows UI application development - by DBI TechnologiesctToolBar  --   is a horizontal and vertical toolbar and menu control with fully customizable navigation buttons hosting tips and drop down menus too.
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Event driven control for adding and interacting with icons in the sytem trayctTray  --  is an event driven ActiveX control for adding icons to the system tray and interacting with the icons at the point of a click.
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Visual Basic
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  any OLE compliant IDE    

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