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  ctxDate 32  -  is a quick option for adding modern date presentations and date selection capabilities. ctxDate 32 is a visual representation of a monthly calendar presenting one or two months at a time.  
  For date selection, end users need only to click on the desired date.  Display options include:  It's small size makes it ideal in situations where there might not be a lot of room for a calendar.  
  • ctDate - ActiveX  COM mutli month calendar presentation control - by DBI Technologies Inc. - found in Studio Controls COMindependent weekend colors,
  • independent date colors, 
  • navigation buttons,
  •  border styles for selected and unselected dates.

ctxDate 32's small size makes it an ideal control for situations where a full calendar is not an option.

ctDate - ActiveX  COM mutli month calendar presentation control - by DBI Technologies Inc. - found in Studio Controls COMMultiple Presentation Styles : Independent weekend, date, or week number colors. Show or hide fill-dates from last and next months. Show or hide navigation buttons.  Flat or 3D display styles.

Print in Window
:  Print the contents of the current calendar on a specific area of a page. Requires a valid printer device context.

Date Handling Methods
:  Custom methods to quickly code - Last Day, Last Month, Last Year, Next Day, Next Month, Next Year, or Today.
  Definable Weekends : Define the days associated with the weekends and assign a custom background color.  
  Dual Months : Display two months at a time.  
  Week Numbers : Display week numbers with a user defined start of year. Optionally show week numbers to the left or right of dates.  
  Today Date : Display the current date at the bottom of the calendar.  
  Multi-Select : Select more than one date at a time.  
  Simulated Transparency : Provides a transparent background without requiring the host language to support transparency through its OLE container. This allows transparency to be provided to a larger number of development environments.  
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